The Gort Mile – Compact Disc


Angela Usher’s debut album “The Gort Mile” provided in CD format with full colour booklet/insert. CDs will generally be dispatched within 3 working days of receipt of order.



CD including full colour booklet/insert.  Album comprises following tracks:

1. The Love of Lucia/Cranman/Conaill’s Favourite (Jigs)
2. The Gillaroo/Rúadhán’s (Slow Reels)
3. Cillian’s Step/Kitty’s Twelve Roses/The Gort Mile (Jigs)
4. Thomond Bridge/The Jug of Punch/Trip to Durrow (Hornpipe/Reels)
5. Lollie’s (Waltz)
6. The Sanderling Sessions/The Old Creamery (Jigs)
7. Landslide (Song)
8. The Ookpik Waltz (Waltz)
9. The Lick of the Slipper/Jessica’s Joy (Slip Jigs)
10. Jamesy Gannon’s/Over the Moor to Maggie (Barndances/Reel)
11. Hurry the Jug/Sally Gally (Set Dance/Jig)
12. My Maryann/Johnny Harling’s (Reels)

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